About Bigniaga.

It is our mission to make online commerce better and easier for everyone.


We would love to have a physical store where we can sell a lot of products but with the ever-increasing rent rates, online commerce sounds to be an ideal option hence, BIGNIAGA. was born.


Another issue is that there are quite a number of people who wish to venture into doing their own businesses. However, some may don’t have the capital required or even simply don’t have any idea of what to sell/produce hence, BIGNIAGA. was born.


BIGNIAGA. is a platform that connects these two sets of people, the suppliers and the resellers. It is also a platform for anybody to start his or her own business without a high start-up capital (or even zero) or even without producing own products/services.


Even consumers can gain from BIGNIAGA. where the “shopping mall” is just a click away and they can shop in the comfort of their own home.