Hercules ~ Monster Energy Performance

Hercules ~ Monster Energy Performance

KKM Approved !


No headache!



1.       Erections are not as hard as before

2.       Sex drive become lower than before

3.       Sex doesn’t feel as good as before

4.       Low sperm level

5.       Premature ejaculation

6.       Low self-esteem due to poor sexual performance



1.       Enhanced Pleasure and Performance

2.       Fast acting male enhancement

3.       Increased sexual performance

4.       Gain duration and stamina

5.       Firmer and fuller arousal

6.       Revitalize your “MIGHTY SECRET WEAPON”



1.       Guarana

2.       Tongkat Ali



TONGKAT ALI contains the effective ingredient Eurycoma Longifolia, this works by stimulating natural testosterone production and also blocking the negative feedback cycle that occurs when your testosterone level reaches its natural peak. As your natural peak is reached without Tongkat Ali your body sends a signal that initiates a decrease in testosterone production, the Eurycoma Longifolia found in Tongkat Ali blocks this signal allowing your body to produce testosterone at a steadily increasing rate well above your natural level. The results of increased testosterone in the body are an increase in strength, easier to build muscle mass, a reduction of body fat and increase sex drive.

MACA is a nutritional powerhouse that is dense in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is also an adaptogen, which means that it supports overall health and strength. Research has revealed that Maca works to boost the overall physical functioning of the body as well as to lift mood. Maca is considered to be very beneficial for hormone balancing, endocrine and thyroid function enhancement and even immune system enhancement. These benefits are most likely related to its high content of amino acids.




I just wanted to thank you for my supply of HERCULES. I'm a 45 year old guy who's decided to look at getting back into gym. I've been on the products coming into my third week now and am having some great results. I have no post-workout soreness, feel stronger and have great levels of energy, As for down below, I've never had a problem down there, but was keen to see what might happen to me on the HERCULES. Well, all I can say is that I feel heavier, fuller, more masculine and I am getting frequent, harder, fuller erections like a 19 year old, with a short refractory period and a very welcome increased sex drive!

I'm writing in personally to thank you for saving my marriage. I had tried everything and was really down about my situation but thankfully I'm now so happy and in a really good place all-round with both a healthy sex life and back on track relationship with my wife of 4 years. HERCULES has given my sexy life the breath of fresh air that it needed so badly.


by MR RANJIT SINGH (38 years old) on 10 July 2015 from IPOH

My sexual libido was really low when I lost my job in early January 2015. Can't remember the last time I had quality sex with my wife. My erection was short and not as hard as it used to be. Tried HERCULES in May 2015 after my friend gave me a sample. The result was amazing !!  I had 4 session a night and still feel energetic and fresh the next morning. Feels like I'm at my 20's ! My wife was really surprised with my performance. She asked me what did I took ? I told her it’s a secret …. J Been using HERCULES since..!


by EN ALIFF BAKAR ( 35 years old ) on 25 September 2015 from Kota Kinabalu

Tried lots of men's products in the market. Most of these products caused me headache, strong irregular hard beat and anxiety. Was recommended by a friend of mine to try HERCULES. I was really IMPRESSED with the products! I felt no side effects at all ! Yet my sexual performance was better than ever ! Thank you HERCULES !

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